As a collector of old finger picks, and one who is fascinated by manufacturing methods of the early 20th century, I searched to find why those old finger picks are so sought-after and valued by musicians all over the world.

On the original patent application of 1928, descriptions like “hand-polished” led me to believe the secret of those old pre-war picks was not only in the metal itself, but in the quality of the workmanship.  The supply of vintage finger picks is dwindling, but the demand for high-quality, well-crafted picks is as high as ever.  After rejuvenating old picks for working pros, several suggested I try making my own finger picks.

We’re fortunate to have a large collection of the original Pat. Pend. picks with little or no wear, and I’ve studied those for years, noting the angle and radius of the blade, the score marks of manufacture and even the residue of buffing compound inside some of them.  We lab tested metal from old picks, and found that information helpful in creating something brand new, crafted in a very old-fashioned way.  Just like in 1928, forming and finishing these finger picks by hand is a careful and deliberate process. Every pick is tested to ensure maximum comfort.

There are two types of Dean Hoffmeyer Fingerpicks availableStandard, which has a regular vintage-style band and holes, and Custom, which is my original pick design with a wider band and slightly smaller holes for more comfort and stability.  Both types are made from identical metal and feature the same blade size and shape.

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Hand-shaped from: 

    .025 Nickel Silver

Crafted in:

    Virginia,  USA

Online Order Price

$ 25.00 / pair

$ 3.98 1st Class (US)

$ 14.75  International

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pairs and get


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Hoffmeyer Picks

PO Box 1928

Mechanicsville, VA





The Hoffmeyer Picks story:



Hear Hoffmeyer Picks in action!

Our friends Bill Evans, Noam Pikelny and Joe Newberry performed together in 2013 on A Prairie Home Companion.   Noam (playing Customs) and Bill (playing Standards) are both currently using our picks, and we couldn’t be more proud!

You can also hear Noam using Hoffmeyer Picks on his releases Noam Pikelny Plays Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe” and  “Universal Favorite”